Choosing to make in France today

When the desire to be Made in France is in the genes of the project, discover how Alexia Desporte, CEO of the startup Popotte Duck, makes this challenge the strength of her project. Because producing in France can be a source of many opportunities, discover how to overcome the cost barrier with Made in Asia.

Presentation of the client

Popotte Duck was born with the goal that as many people as possible eat as well as possible.
This cooking companion puts its intelligence at the disposal of its users to establish a schedule of healthy and balanced/varied recipes and takes care of making regular and personalised shopping lists.

The project and its challenges

Rtone had the opportunity to accompany the startup in its various stages and technical choices since the beginning of the project. The desire to make a product made in France served as a guideline for the teams
Many issues guided the technical choices. Particularly on the hardware side.

To obtain a design, fun and intelligent companion, several essential functionalities were worked on. For example :

A weighing function, for the execution of culinary tasks
2 screens, to materialize the duck’s eyes and make the product alive and interactive
2 capacitive touch buttons,
2 rechargeable batteries
A whole system of sound capture

Not to mention the software part and the embedded intelligence with AI for creating recipes and managing variables

Made in France

Very quickly the choice of made in France was presented.
Producing in France is often synonymous with a challenge. The Chinese production system, especially when it comes to designing a physical product with hardware, is seen as an easy solution.

However, with our approach to industrialisation as a common thread, anticipated from the product design phases, we were able to accompany the startup in this choice of French production.

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