Intelligent management of renewable energy

Discover how EDF ENR has innovated with its connected solution for supervising photovoltaic installations. A solution integrating real-time data and forecasts to optimise producers’ self-consumption.

Presentation of the client

As a pioneer in photovoltaic energy in France, EDF ENR’s mission is to make solar energy, an inexhaustible, local and carbon-free resource, accessible to everyone.
Producing your own solar energy and saving money: this is the solution provided by EDF ENR to its customers. By installing solar panels, private individuals can act in favour of the energy transition while benefiting from lower bills.

The project and its challenges

The central issue was to have a stable product to ensure the deployment within the timeframe set by the EDF ENR team.

The Rtone team also played an important role in standardising and coordinating the project. Rtone took over a project that was already advanced and included many technological bricks designed by various providers.

Taking over an existing project

At the start of our collaboration and in order to understand the existing architecture, we began by carrying out an audit. This audit enabled us to understand what was urgent and what was a priority, both in terms of bug resolution and the developments to be carried out.

A solid architecture

Sometimes, you shouldn’t hesitate to go back to the basics to move forward.

This is the spirit of our collaboration on the Yuze project.

The Rtone team also reviewed an architecture around Yocto. The challenges of this new architecture were multiple:

  • to allow more stability of the OS
  • to have a complete vision of the architecture
  • facilitate maintenance
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