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Goodbye to the design office forever 

Forget everything you know about design office…

Discover an innovative product development studio with a committed and passionate team of experts.

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Histoire Rtone studio développement de produit

And to think that it all started in a roommate

You all know the myth of the start-up created in a garage? As far as Rtone is concerned, it was in a student room that the adventure began.

It was a bit like the birth of a superhero: passionate people ready to conquer the world of technology.

Since 2007, Rtone has already had several lives. Our superheroes first started by designing and marketing their own connected product. Then Rtone grew to be fully dedicated to engineering services. Today, we do not market the product: we are the product!

Our figures speak for us


innovative and customized projects


engineers committed to your side


candles blown out


partners to go even further

What we believe in


At Rtone, we like to think differently and innovate constantly. We have built a strong company culture (and we are very proud of it)!

We believe that to be at the top of our game, you have to be flexible and agile.

We are always looking for new ways to improve our processes and best meet our clients’ needs.

So before you work with us, find out how we work!


We are autonomous and not individual


Everyone is responsible for what they do


When you trust, anything is possible


Create a symbiosis between our businesses and make them communicate


We promote a sense of meaning and a work-life balance

Our superheros

At Rtone, our superheroes have more skills than you can count: mechanical, hardware, firmware, cloud, mobile … But not only! We also excel in Mario Kart, in arrow words, and we are not bad in air guitar on hardrock.

Some people think we’re out of touch, we prefer to say we’re passionate.

One thing is sure: we love our work, and we do it with conviction.

Join us!

We are part of

a big family

In 2020, Rtone found his pro crush: the ABMI group. It was love at first sight like in the movies.

In 2022, the family is growing and we’ve taken a step forward by joining House of HR and strengthening our ties with our Abylsen cousins.

Now, stronger than ever, we’re ready to take on any challenge together and continue to live off our love of innovation.

Our sucess stories

At Rtone, we like to tell stories, but more importantly, we like to make them possible through our expertise, passion and total commitment to our clients.

Consumer - Energy




New mobility


New mobility


Shall we write the rest of the story together?

You have a product development project? Concept, design, development, industrialization, serial life, maintenance… Whatever the stage of your project, we are here to meet the challenge.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Rtone studio de développements de produit