Evaluating and maximising the performance of the electronic cigarette IOT project

Dive into the story of the smart electronic cigarette and the innovations it incorporates. This project perfectly illustrates the Rtone project management method, based on value attributes. A way to support innovation while guaranteeing the time to market issue.

Presentation of the client

Enovap are intelligent electronic cigarettes.
Their challenge: to adapt to all smokers’ profiles by integrating the possibility of instantly adjusting the level of nicotine in order to support the user’s desire to stop smoking.
It was in 2015 that the start-up Enovap was officially created. But the adventure began earlier: the company won a gold medal at the Lépine competition and the Enovap electronic cigarette was voted best French innovation of 2014.

The project and its challenges

Rtone has accompanied Enovap in the latest V2 of its product.
We started with a deadline: a certification constraint set at a specific date. The project began with a technical workshop to understand the target and the challenges of the product. The priority value attributes defined during the workshop guided the organisation of the development sprints

Ambitious objectives

  • The ambition of this V2 was to meet three priority criteria:
  • Energy autonomy: aiming for a minimum autonomy of 400 puffs.
  • Quality: evaluated in particular through the power: 10W for the vape.
  • Discretion: to have a small product, more compact than the V1. Benchmark dimensions were set at the launch of the project.
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