The management of your product lifecycle

Because we have a long-term vision for your product, we guide you throughout the life of your product.

Maintaining and evolving your product

You have found a market for your product, it is the beginning of a new era. We integrate the management of its lifecycle as early as possible, in order to anticipate and manage obsolescence, the increase in production and usage rates as well as after-sales service problems, thus guaranteeing the durability of your product and customer satisfaction.

What you can expect

At Rtone, we believe that a product requires support throughout its entire lifecycle. That’s why, from the early stages of design, we implement our best tools and practices to project you into the future.

Production monitoring

We support you as your production rate increases and we bring a quality follow-up to guarantee the excellence of your product.

The quality level

We supervise the life cycle of your product and we ensure compliance with new standards to guarantee an optimal user experience and long-term product durability.

Supply chain management

We manage your production, maintenance, and product evolutions to ensure optimal lifecycle.

Bancs de tests et de vieillissement

Tests and certifications

At Rtone, we are involved in all aspects of product lifecycle management.

Our multidisciplinary team enables us to set up testing benches and aging benches in our laboratories.

We also assist you in the steps of qualification and certification.

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We have supported 

their development

EDF ENR – The big series

Producing your own solar energy and saving money. This is the solution offered by EDF ENR with the YUZE project.

Rtone supported EDF ENR in carrying out a technical audit, moving from a PoC to a functional MVP in less than 4 months and participated in the deployment of the first installations with the implementation of a tool for managing the installation fleet.

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EDF ENR, et leur solution de gestion connectée des énergies renouvelables

Present from

start to finish

From ideation to the entire product life cycle, we support you in the design of your product and in all stages of its life cycle.

Do we innovate?

Optimizing the launch of your project and guiding you towards a viable and impactful offer.

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Do we design?

Delivering a functional product that meets your objectives while being as close to the user’s needs as possible.

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Do we industrialise?

Integrating industrialisation from the start of the project to prepare for large-scale production and secure your investment.

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Do we manage?

Ensuring the sustainability of your product and helping you plan for the long term.

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We have quality control processes in place to ensure the reliability and quality of our products. We also work with our clients to understand their quality requirements and comply with them throughout the product lifecycle.

We offer maintenance and support services to our clients to ensure the proper functioning of their product. We are able to intervene quickly in case of any problem and offer appropriate solutions. We also have clear processes to manage maintenance issues, including determining impacts on schedule, budget, and resources.

We offer warranties for our products and are ready to work with you to address customer claims in case of any issues. We have clear processes in place to manage claims, including determining responsibilities, deadlines, and proposed solutions.

Your product will evolve, so we offer solutions to manage these end-of-life changes, such as upgrades or repairs to existing products. We work with you to find the best solutions for your needs and budget.

We place great importance on environmental impact within our teams, and we are working on a charter to promote eco-design and apply current environmental standards. We work with our clients to find environmentally friendly solutions that meet their needs throughout the product lifecycle.

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Do you have a product development project? From design to industrialization, through production and maintenance, we are here to support you at every stage of your project. Don’t hesitate to submit your most ambitious projects to us.

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