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Design optimised hardware solutions to ensure a high-performance and reliable end product.

Concevoir des solutions hardware optimisées Optimiser la conception électronique de votre produit
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Optimizing the electronic design of your product

Hardware is a crucial element in the design of any physical product, since it carries its essential functions. Printed circuit boards, sensors, processors : we design the base of your product while taking into account the power supply and its connectivity to ensure a long battery life. We develop complex custom boards so that your product is best suited to its usage and environment.

Our advantage: we are independent in terms of suppliers, distributors and sourcing which allows us to make the best choices for your project.

I design
Le babycook Béaba, le robot cuiseur bébé connecté

From conception to production

The Beaba babycook, the connected baby food maker

  • Validation of the concept through a feasibility study
  • Introduction of a MDNS device-mobile communication protocol
  • Customized screen control, memory management, implementation of a customized touch screen
  • Test and pre-qualification phases from the development phase
  • Lifecycle monitoring and production control of the embedded software and electronics
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Preparing the best version of your product

At Rtone, our hardware expertise allows us to design innovative and efficient products. We use state-of-the-art tools to ensure that our products are at the cutting edge of technology and to meet the specific needs of each project.

  • LPWAN : Sigfox, LoRaWAN, LTE-M, NB-IoT
  • Cellular 2G/3G/4G/5G
  • Short range: Bluetooth, BLE, BLE mesh, WiFi
  • Contactless: RFID, NFC
  • Other and business specific: USB, Zigbee, DIO, Ethernet, CAN/Modbus, RS232/RS485, ISM 433/868

  • Low power design for battery powered equipment
  • Energy Harvesting: energy recovery from available sources (vibratory, solar, thermal)
  • Remote power supply, wireless power supply (QI)
  • Power supply and energy conversion for products on 220/230V electrical network

Nordic, STmicroElectronic, Silabs, Espressif, Telit, Gigadevice…

Afficheurs, GPS, Modem, Wifi…

Clément, Ingénieur Hardware

The hardware as seen by our engineer

Innovation is our daily business. Our clients come from varied backgrounds, so each project brings with it a new set of ideas and constraints. It is a stimulating work environment, which requires that we stay informed of the latest technological developments. It is a great satisfaction to be able to support and guide our clients through the many steps that will allow them to bring their ideas to fruition and bring their connected product to market.

Hardware Engineer

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