4 months to implement a connected solution

Find out how Rtone teams successfully implemented a connected automated check-in solution for Michelin in its Formula E races in just 4 months.

Presentation of the client

Michelin, a leader in the tyre industry, is dedicated to the sustainable improvement of the mobility of goods and people by manufacturing and marketing tyres and services for all types of vehicles. The company has been a pioneer in innovation and sustainability for many years, and is at the forefront of research and development of new technologies.
Michelin is a world-renowned French company that stands out for its many commitments, including its commitment to road safety.

The project and its challenges

Rtone assisted Michelin in the implementation of a turnkey connected solution for its MICHELIN Track Connect tyre project for Formula E.
This is a major innovation in Formula E that Michelin has implemented by offering racers the possibility of driving with connected tyres during races.

This connected solution is in response to new rules imposed by the International Automobile Federation, which set new minimum data requirements for tyre pressure during races.

The sensors provide easier access to the data.
The application allows operators to visualise and control the results as quickly as possible.

Ambitious goals

For Michelin, this innovation is the new way to ensure the safety of vehicles and racers through the use of sensors on tyres.

For Rtone, accompanying Michelin in obtaining a functional product for the first race of the 2020 season in a timeframe of only 4 months.

Short deadlines, practical and technical constraints, and a common objective: to combine performance and excellence to deliver the MICHELIN track Connect.

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