Successfully industrialise your product from small to large series

In order to go from a prototype to a mass production of 10,000 pieces, the Lovebox team turned to our industrialisation specialist, Guillaume Pollin.
Redesign, Cadence, Relocation of production, discover all the adventures we have experienced with Lovebox.

Presentation of the client

Created to foster love, Lovebox is a modern version of the classic love letter. This small connected box allows you to receive messages from your loved ones in an original way.
The LoveBox meets a very real need, that of taking care of one’s relationships to keep them strong and stay connected to those we love despite distance or daily life.

Setting up industrialisation

The Rtone teams met Lovebox during an acceleration phase. The objective: to go from a production of 500 pieces to 10,000 pieces.

We assisted in several key stages:

  • Validating the redesign
  • Managing the selection of manufacturers and the supply of components
  • Monitoring production
  • Accompanying the shipping logistics
  • Accompanying the production towards autonomy

The Lovebox industrialisation project was ambitious. Mass producing such a young product is not common. The team called on Rtone at the right time to be well supported in the various stages it had to go through. 2 scale-ups and 1 production transfer in 2 years, that’s quite a performance!

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