Product development studio present from start to finish 

Rtone is made up of 9 areas of expertise and more than 80 engineers to support you in every stage of your product development.

Say goodbye to the design office, we take care of everything.

The design strategy

Preparing the launch of your project

Embarking on the great adventure of product design requires proper preparation. With our customized support, including audits, constraint mapping, co-creation workshops, we help ensure the success of your project.

  • We analyse your context
  • We study the feasibility of your project
  • We validate your value proposition
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The development of your product

Bringing your product to life

Making your ideas a reality is our specialty. With expertise in Mechanics, Hardware, Firmware, Cloud, Cybersecurity, and R&D, we have all the skills necessary to see your project through to completion.

  • We design your product
  • We develop prototypes
  • We carry out tests and certifications
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The management of the lifecycle of your product

Maintaining and evolving your product

Because our involvement doesn’t stop at the production phase, we remain by your side to ensure the longevity of your product over time, and until its end of life.

  • We optimise production follow-up
  • We monitor manufacturing quality
  • We provide Product Lifecyle Management
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The common thread: the industrialisation

Getting a prototype to present to your investors or at the next trade show in your market is good. Manufacturing it in large quantities at the right price is even better!

Thanks to our network of global industrial partners, we manage the production of your items for you, with guaranteed cost, time, and quality.

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What you can expect

The Rtone method is much more than breaking down the project into large phases of its life cycle. We work iteratively to validate the features of your product, adapt to the real-life context in which it will evolve in, resulting in a fully-functional commercialisable product.


We take care of everything

Choosing Rtone for the design of your project means choosing a partner with multiple skills. We offer a cross-functional approach to maintain an overview of your project at all times.

We remain flexible

The scope of a project evolves over time, but your budget and timing must be protected. We set up a flexible framework to promote innovation while respecting an appropriate level of quality and having a stable team.

We deliver

Our promise: to deliver a functional and reliable product. We are committed to providing the most appropriate technological solutions for your challenges and the needs of users.

Our superpowers

One thing is for sure: at Rtone, we have several strings to our bow.

But the real superpower here is our ability to integrate multiple skilled teams into seamless turnkey solutions, always tailored to your needs and at the cutting edge of innovation.

Mechanical Engineering

Design a functionnal, aesthetic and ergonomic product 

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Electronic Engineering

Integrate all the hardware required to bring you innovative product to life

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Make your smart product evolve 

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Centralize your data and services 

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Secure your product

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Research, prototype & develop innovative technical solutions specific to your needs.

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There is strength in unity

At Rtone, we are convinced that collaboration is the key to success. Thanks to our partners, we’re able to take on the wildest challenged with you.

On your marks, get set, innovate!

Do you have a product design project? Do you want support for one of the stages or learn more about our expertise?

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