Bringing your smart product to life

Define the behaviour and functions of your product, and allow it to evolve infinitely thanks to the firmware.

Developper le firmware de son produit connecte Developper firmware de son produit connecté
concevoir son produit connecté avec le firmware

Designing a high-performance, scalable connected product

Firmware is the soul of your connected product. Our versatility in the use of different technologies allows us to guide our choices in the best way possible according to your project and its constraints. In order to apply the best practices of cybersecurity and modern tooling, we ensure regulatory compliance and maximum security. In short, our team does everything in their power to ensure optimal project management, energy management and efficient optimization for your innovative product.

I design
animer produit intelligent

From the idea to
the implementation

Enki, the box for connected homes

  • Control connected objects from a single mobile application
  • Centralize the 5 communication protocols in the box
  • Program devices according to life habits
  • Control access
  • Get information on the state of your home at a glance (temperature, security, electricity, etc.)
Our achievements

Preparing the best version of your product

In constant search for innovation, we use the most efficient technologies to develop your firmware and meet the specificities of each project.

Low-level C and C++ development / RTOS / Python


FreeRTOS, AZURE RTOS, Zephyr, Linux, MicroEJ

HTTP, MQTT, LTE-M, Bluetooth/BLE, Wi-Fi, Zigbee

LVGL, Embedded-Wizzard, QT, MicroEJ

Secureboot, Secure element (TPM)

Samuel Quiniou Embedded software engineer

The firmware as seen

by our engineer

Firmware is the invisible software that brings your connected product to life. It turns motors and drives pumps. It measures temperatures and pressures. It communicates with the cloud or a smartphone. It displays its results on a screen. It may present risks if its development is not controlled. At Rtone, we put passion, care and expertise into the firmware we develop.

Embedded software engineer

Let's talk about 

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You have a product development project? From design to industrialisation, through production and maintenance, we are here to support you at each stage of your project. Feel free to submit your most ambitious projects to us.

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