Designing the most secure version of your product 

Think about the security of your product and your users’ data throughout the entire life cycle.

Optimizing your security strategy

More than essential, we cannot develop an innovative solution without thinking about the cyber security aspect.

That’s why we integrate it into every project from the design stage. We evaluate the security of your solutions through audits and help you comply with current security standards. Our experience also allows us to support you in the implementation of foreign markets where safety requirements may differ.

Our objective: To design a product whose safety level is adapted to its constraints, its environment and the standards in force.

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Projet anaconda

Our research project

The Anaconda project, funded by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region as part of the R&D Booster program.

  • To create a simple solution allowing the automation of security tests for the field of connected objects against a given repository.
  • A solution including the definition of the target, the selection of a test repository, the risk analysis, the generation of the attack tree and the execution of the tests with a complete report.
  • A 2 year project that resulted in a functional proof of concept to test the security of radio protocols (such as Wifi or BLE) and to detect vulnerabilities in services or applications.
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Preparing the best version of your product

Aware of the current challenge of cybersecurity, we offer customized support to meet your objectives and ensure the security of your products.

Identification of the attack surface, risk analysis, impact assessment

  • Pre-diagnosis: hardware, software, wireless communication, mobile and cloud
  • Security level in accordance with the standards and norms in force in each domain (ETSI EN 303 645, IEC 62443, EU MDR, …) (OWASP ASVS)
  • GDPR compliance

  • Support for hardwares, firmwares and software teams
  • Complete approach: development, management, reviews, tests, …

  • Specific: monitoring of the latest vulnerabilities, generation of automated alerts from SBOM repositories
  • Training in IoT security
Alexandre Poincet, Ingénieur logiciel embarqué

The cybersecurity
as seen by
our engineer

Beyond good practices, the image issue, the resilience of your activities and the protection of users, addressing the cyber security dimension will become a legal obligation tomorrow. and the protection of users, addressing the cyber security dimension will become a legal obligation tomorrow. Cybersecurity is a subject that has been ignored for too long in the field of IoT but thanks to the latest European and international initiatives, each connected object will have to be secured to protect users and their data. At Rtone we have defined a minimum level of security applied to our developments that is based on these standards and our experience to design products that meet the cybersecurity needs of today and tomorrow.

Alexandre Poincet
Embedded software engineer

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