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Because we are convinced that robotics is a key issue for the future, we put our expertise to work for you and to help you design innovative and efficient robots.

Tailor-made robots to meet your challenges

The design of a robot involves many challenges. Indeed, your robot must make life easier for your users, save time and efficiency and, above all, adapt to the environment in which it will evolve. This is why we offer complete support in designing high-performance and innovative robots. We provide you with our expertise in electronics, mechanics and software, as well as our experience in product design to help you identify the key challenges and ensure its future industrialisation.

Present from
start to finish

From conceiving the idea and throughout the life of the product… We support you in the design of your project and all stages of its life cycle.

Do we innovate?

Optimise the launch of your project and guide you towards a viable and impactful offer.

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Do we design?

Deliver a functional product corresponding to your objectives while being as close as possible to the uses.

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Do we industrialise?


Integrate industrialisation from the beginning of the project to prepare for production at scale and secure your investment.

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Do we manage?

Ensure the durability of your product and plan for the future

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Our playgrounds

With more than 15 years of experience in product development, we integrate the specifics of your field into each of our projects.



Optimising energy and preserving our resources 

New mobility

Inventing the city and transport of tomorrow


Medical Device

Improving the quality of life and follow-up of patients

Grand public

Creating everyday products 

Because we like ton answer your questions

At Rtone, we place great importance on the safety of your mobile robot. We are committed to designing a robot that complies with the standards and regulations in force, which we constantly keep an eye on/monitor. To guarantee a safe interaction between the robot and its environment, we master state of the art technologies and implement these when necessary. These measures minimise the risk of accidents and guarantee the safety of the user and third parties.

Our experienced teams are skilled in designing constrained products and robust systems.  We schedule regular maintenance cycles to ensure the life and availability of your robot. We also plan test phases in real-life conditions to validate the reliability and performance of your robot. 

As a pioneer in radio communications for 15 years, we provide interfaces and communication protocols that are compatible with the environment and other systems your robot needs to communicate with, ensuring effective integration and optimal collaboration. We can also provide custom software solutions to enable seamless integration with your existing system.

We perform extensive simulations and tests to validate design choices and optimise key parameters of your mobile robot, such as speed, accuracy, quality or capacity. We also ensure that your mobile robot is easy to use and understand for end users.

Let's talk about your project

Do you have a product development project? From design to industrialisation, through series life and maintenance, we are here to support you at every stage of your project. Do not hesitate to submit your most ambitious projects to us. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

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