Our answers to your frequently asked questions

What are the technologies you're using?

Our engineers master many technologies. You can have a look at the panel here. They evolve constantly and new technlogies are always coming in. Beyond the mastery of these technologies, it is our expertise and our know-how that allows us to guide you to choose the right technlogy for your project and use case.

How big is Rtone?

Following our merger with the ABMI group in December 2020, we grew from 30 to 50 people by joining the Product Engineering Department (DIP). We remain human-size with 80 % of engineers in our team.

We keep the advantages of a group of 700 people and also of a human-size company, which can be easier to deal with.

Can you make the complete prototype or should we make it ourselves?

We work for you and deliver exactly what you need. We are able to make a complete  prototype, but also to guide you into the best way to make it yourselves. What we do best : guiding you in your connected object project until the mass production.

What security rules do you apply to your projects?

An official European standard regarding IoT security has been launched end of 2020. It gives all the tips and rules to follow to get to a most secured solution. However, this standard is not mandatory and it is your responsibility, as a product owner, to apply these rules or not. Our teams encourage you to follow these rules and are able to guide you into securing your product regarding its needs. Plus, it is highly recommended to think about security as early as possible in the development process.

Where do you manufacture your products?

According to your needs, we have partners in Asia, Europe and France. Regarding your budget, your volume to produce, the technicality of your product, your ethics, or your wish to produce in France, we have built ourselves a qualified partners network to make your products with teams on site (in Asia for example) in order to make the complex subject of mass production easier.

Talking about Agile methodology, does it apply to all projects?

We try to follow some Agile rules that we think enable a more successful project. Agile method is an asset when it comes to innovation. It is less suitable for a V2 project for example, when there are fewer risks.

What is Agile method for Rtone?

The workshops :

The idea is to develop the most important features of your product.

During a half-day brainstorming, your product is going to be deconstructed, refined, improved. Thanks to this exercise, your project will be redesigned to focus on what will really bring the most added value. Our teams wil laslo take into consideration what is easier to carry out, with few efforts in order to reduce your cost. This is the concept of the effort-value matrix (more information here). The goal: a useful product (with a great added value) for the lowest possible cost.

After this step, we are able to better understand your needs. We will allocate a team to the project and finalize the budget. This method prevents bad surprises during the project development (unfeasible or impractical technical aspects, which can lead to extra cost and delay).


Securing budget and deadline

After defining the main direction with the most important features, it will be a lot easier to set a budget and define a deadline. Because securing these key points is the key to your success.


A flexible scope: that is what is going to allow our teams to adapt your technical solution to a budget and a firm deadline.


The co-construction principle: agreeing on the direction of the project thanks  to the workshop makes the goals stronger for both parties.


Interests are aligned for both parties and that’s what is going to contribute to the success of the project.

Who owns the communication technologies?

The communication technologies are not the property of Rtone (except for Kiwink, our communication technology based on light). For some, you need to get licenses  (Bluetooth, Wifi,…), for others, you will need subscriptions (4G,…). Thus we can choose the best option for your product regarding your constraints and budget.

You have further questions?

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