We create and
develop smart &
connected objects
for our customers.

life at Rtone
life at rtone
équipe Rtone

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Nous créons et
développons des
objets connectés
pour nos clients.

life at rtone

Who are we?

We have been designing connected solutions since 2007. Our team of 50 engineers supports our customers in the design, development, and industrialization of their connected objects, as well as the exploitation of their data. Mechanics, Hardware, Firmware, Cloud, Mobile and R&D, we provide all the necessary skills to carry out a successful IoT project.

Rtone values


Micro-management is a cancer. At Rtone, autonomy is the rule. Each person is free to organize his or her own tasks, schedules and to try out new things. Autonomy should not be confused with individualism. Chaos reigns when a group is a sum of individuals and not a collective of personalities. Rtoners are autonomous, not individual.


Who has never experienced a situation where a group suffers from a problem without a clearly identified leader ? Any task, no matter how small, must have a person in charge in good times but also in bad times. At Rtone, everyone must be responsible for what they do. This is the concept of DRIdirectly responsible individual..


“Trust does not exclude control” is the biggest con from many management books. No, trust on the contrary is given without proof, otherwise it is no longer trust but control. You can (will) make mistakes. Together we will learn from these mistakes.  When you trust, you know that everything is possible, when you don’t trust, you have to leave.

Technical Horizontality

The IoT is a set of professions working in symbiosis to deliver an end-to-end result, from hardware to cloud. There is a counter-intuitive effect of managing teams by technical division of the same business, breaking the coherence and sharing of cross-business best practices and accentuating the difficulties that are often found at the borders of the technical skills of each.


This notion is complex and yet at the heart of a company’s mission. Well-being at work is different from happiness, which remains very personal. We are human beings and our personal life influences as much as our professional activities. At Rtone we promote for example: the meaning rather than the process, moments of deep working, asynchronism, feedback, and remote work.


Rtone people

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