Joe, companion robot for asthmatic children

Joe, companion robot for asthmatic children

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Rtone accompanied the teams of Lyon-based startup Ludocare in designing JOE, a connected companion that provides a fun way to help asthmatic children become independent in taking their treatment.

Through wireless connectivity, this device provides daily reminders of when to take medication and the right things to do to ensure treatment is effective. When the children respect their treatment schedule, Joe the robot rewards them with an entertaining game. The more consistent the children are, the more rewards they receive. This allows children to be independent and to follow their asthma treatment schedule.

The idea started when a significant gap was observed between the prescription and the actual administration of the medicine. Parents simply use their smartphone to enter the prescription information in the linked application and the companion is functional.

“Joe” can be customised and is available on subscription. It won the jury’s grand prize at the first “hackathon” for respiratory diseases in Paris, September 2016.

Clinical trials will be launched in 2018 with the robot expected on the market in 2019.

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