Design the most secure version of your IoT product

IoT security must be central to the design of each product and every stage of your project.

securite objet connecte

Security by design

We incorporate the security aspect from the earliest product design stage

Smart object security at every stage of the IoT pathway


Identify the risks that threaten your solution and define the appropriate security level.


Find out how robust your product or solution is and detect any security vulnerabilities.


Adjust your product to the desired level of security.



Guarantee that your solution remains free from vulnerabilities over time.

Security priorities integrated into projects


for treating swimming pool water.


Analysis and proposal of a secure IoT architecture


Device control via a mobile app


Real-time data reporting

Sécurité IoT

Cybersecurity research work

Rtone can combine applied research with engineering to design a secure connected solution. We incorporate the latest advances in cybersecurity and privacy into every stage of the IoT pathway across all our activities.

Five stages in securing your smart product


Risk analysis

Risk matrix


Preliminary diagnostic: hardware, software, wireless communication, mobile and cloud

Security level based on international standards (OWASP ASVS)

GDPR compliance

Penetration testing

Level 1: Standard tests targeting specific vulnerabilities.

Level 2: Hacking the product.


Supporting the hardware, firmware and software teams

Complete approach: development, supervision, reviews, tests etc.


Specific: monitoring the latest vulnerabilities, generating alerts

IoT security training

Security at the heart of our work

Rtone, a contributor to the Paclido project, is committed to security


Our aims:

  • Develop lightweight encryption algorithms and protocols for IoT
  • Develop a detection system for attacks targeting IoT
  • Uses in home automation, smart city, industry 4.0
  • Algorithms submitted at the end of 2018 to the NIST LWC standardisation competition
  • Deployment planned for public lighting in Saint Quentin en Yvelines in late 2020


Cryptographic Protocols and Algorithms for
the Internet of Things



With the support of 

region auvergne rhones alpes bpi

I have a smart object project

Countering security flaws in connected objects

Many people underestimate the risks of intrusion, hacking and ransomware.

And yet these risks can be prevented with simple actions:

  • Anticipation, based on the principle of Security by Design
  • Testing the security of your connected object

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