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IoT addresses many transportation issues: environmental impact, personal safety, quality of life in cities, etc.


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The connected airbag

smart mobility
connected airbag
airbag bikers

Connected Airbag

Rtone has collaborated with the R&D teams In&motion to design a protective airbag vest for high-level skiers, bikers and horseback riding.

Approved by the International Ski Federation (FIS), intelligent sensors can detect the movements of the skier in real time and cushion critical falls. It inflates in less than 100 milliseconds before impact to protect the most sensitive areas of the body: the back, chest, spine and hips. The airbag is worn under a sports suit or motorcycle gear and has a certified back brace to absorb the shock of the fall. Some ski and motorcycle brands have already integrated it into their equipment: Rossignol, Ixon, Furygan, …

Thanks to a data sending system, In&motion can continuously analyze and optimize the detection system.

Our teams always accompany the startup in the manufacturing of its product.

The product won several awards in 2016 including a CES Innovation Award and the Red Dot Award.


Create traffic at the point of sale

smart traffik

Omnichannel solutions dedicated to brands and retailers

Smart Traffik is a solution to create traffic in points of sale and improve the knowledge of customers and buyers. The platform is designed for brands and retailers to maintain the relationship with the customer throughout the purchase process.

Rtone has used its Linux skills to develop this box that detects the passage of known customers in stores.


Vehicle sensor for parking

connected parking
detection vehicule
sensor parking

Sensor for connected parking

We have added the Lora WAN stack to the One Situ parking sensor.

The oS100 OCM sensor allows to reliably detect in real time if a parking space is occupied by a vehicle. The capacity of the parking space is thus optimized, the filling rate and the traffic flow are improved.

The configuration and calibration are done remotely thanks to the proprietary point-to-point radio protocol. 

The Lora WAN stack that we have integrated is a “long range” network allowing the parking sensor to exchange small and low speed data.  Its charge level as well as the detection of any anomaly are automatically sent to the parking managers via a platform.

It has been certified by the Orange and Bouygues Telecom networks.


An application for your vehicles

application vehicle

Monitor the health of your vehicle

Oocar is a solution that allows you to connect your car to your smartphone. Composed of an application and a dongle that connects to the car, the solution allows you to monitor the condition of your car and analyze its data: trip information, service schedule, wear and tear, etc. Oocar improves the driving experience and offers, among other things, solutions to reduce expenses related to its vehicle.

Rtone has developed an SDK and a mobile application to test the interface with a box.


People Counting Solution

people counting
people counting

Detect people

Terabee’s People Counting solution allows the automated counting of the presence of people in buildings. With a device positioned on a traffic point and the intelligence of their own algorithm, a unique proprietary recognition and counting technology, their solution offers you real-time data and zone-by-zone tracking.

A platform with a graphical tracking allows you to find the history of the counts as well as the data in real time.

The Rtone team has developed a custom-made business cloud solution.