Connecting habitats and buildings

Home automation for a truly intelligent home

Home automation: mastering the management of your home

Being able to control the variables of your home remotely is the key to the smart home. Smart solutions allow you to optimize the comfort and consumption of your home (light, temperature, …) and ensure its security.


Centralize the operation of the house (heating, blinds,...)


Control the appliances in the house


Remote monitoring of devices

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The box for connected houses

box smart home
maison connectee
IoT box

Connected home

Rtone supports the teams of Leroy Merlin for the maintenance and enrichment of the firmware on the box Enki.

Leroy Merlin has designed Enki as a solution for the connected home. Composed of a box and an application, the Enki solution allows to control connected objects of different brands and technologies from a single mobile application.

Equipped with 5 communication protocols (Zigbee, Enocean, radio 433 Dio, Bluetooth and wifi), the Enki box centralizes all communications so that connected objects can talk to each other.

Made to adapt to the customer’s uses, the Enki box, via the mobile application, allows users to manage everything from their heating to access control and allows the house to adapt to the habits of life (waking up, leaving the house, vacations,…).


Connected smoke sensor

detecteur fumee connecte
connected sensor
smart home

For a protected home

Rtone has designed Smockeo, a connected smoke sensor. Designed on the Sigfox network, a network dedicated to the Internet of Things, its particularity lies in the fact that the network is independent of any electrical connection (WIFI type), which is often out of order in case of fire. It is also capable of communicating with other smoke sensors, thus improving safety.

Depending on preferences, Smockeo can send information via SMS, email or push notifications or make calls. A web and mobile application is also available to track the data sent.

Several information are provided by Smockeo: battery level, if the device is unhooked from the rack, detector test results, operating status, pairing status, smoke detection and smoke clearing. The different detectors are interconnected so that they can all sound at the same time in the event of a fire alarm.

The product has an autonomy of 5 to 10 years depending on the parameters of use.