Towards a smart city

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The smart city, to transform life in our cities

Because of its concentration of people, the city has many collective services. Thanks to the IoT, the city becomes an agent of change by improving these services.


Transportation and mobility management


Security and surveillance networks


Energy management for a green city

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New generation parking meters

smart city
parking meter
smart parking

A smart parking meter

Rtone participated in the design of the new generation of Flowbird (formerly Parkeon) parking meters.

Flowbord is the expert in intelligent parking for Smart city and leader in urban mobility in France. Now equipped with a complex tablet designed by Rtone, these parking meters will offer new multimedia content to their users: bike or scooter rentals, discount coupons for certain nearby locations, etc. By transforming parking habits and serving the user, this new generation of parking meters is at the heart of the smart city of tomorrow.
For a sustainable and socially responsible urban mobility, the latest parking meters are powered by solar panels and connected by an integrated SIM card. Some elements had to respect strong constraints in addition to the one of having to operate outdoors for several years. The design and programming of the interface of the machine have been made to measure by Rtone.


A web-based management application

smart city mobile ap
city application
remote control

A connected city

Rtone brings its IoT expertise in architecture and development to the R&D teams of LACROIX City for the implementation of their cloud platform “LX Connect”. It allows them to retrieve data and federate their equipment and connected services for a smart roadway.

Their web application for the Smart City provides a solution for remote control of street lights and variable message signs, in real time.

The connected products are installed in more than 500 cities around the world, including Clermont-Ferrand with its 17,000 streetlights connected to the system, enabling simplified and optimized management of the network of light points.