Monitor your industrial assets

Controlling your assets: a must to measure your performance and improve your efficiency

Access the predictive maintenance of your assets

Collecting data, monitoring assets, controlling the fleet, etc.
These are essential activities to improve your business and offer a better service to your customers. Access to this information will allow you to optimize your services, anticipate and avoid problems and improve customer satisfaction.


Track the launch of your products


Check their status in real time


React in case of breakdown or incident


Ensure the safety of the people you equip

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A receiver and a business application for the MICHELIN Track Connect solution

formula E
connected tires michelin

Connected tyres

For the FIA Formula E Championship, Michelin is launching the first connected competition tire with a sensor integrated with the MICHELIN Track Connect solution for the sixth season of Formula E, a first for an international competition. The tire automatically collects and reports pressure data.

Michelin worked with Rtone to develop the receiver, a gateway and the business applications needed to provide this service. The challenge of this project was to deploy a prototype in a short period of time for the first race of the 2019 season.

These technologies were built around the Azure IoT Edge ecosystem, in order to quickly develop Edge computing solutions that can be seamlessly deployed on the cloud when the product is connected, or on the gateway when the product is disconnected.

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Robot for parcel logistics

robotic for logistic
solution logistique

Mobile robotics for logistics

Solystic offers innovative solutions to automate the logistics and intralogistics process.

Soly is one of their transport robots that adapts to different models of carts. Integrated in a logistics center, it optimizes the route of non-standard packages. Guided by tracing on the ground, its trajectory is calculated in real time to its delivery destination.

Rtone has participated in optimizing the performance of the flow of robots, particularly in terms of WiFi communications. Avoiding bottlenecks, the productivity of sites is greatly increased.


Connected worker’s sleeve

manchon connecte bouygues

Application for workers on construction sites

Bouygues and Omniscient have implemented a connected sleeve, which consists of a mobile application for workers.

This application allows the monitoring of tools and the management of workers’ tasks. It also incorporates an emergency function with a procedure to follow in case of accidents, which allows workers to not lose their means and to go quickly in dealing with incidents.

Rtone has helped develop an SDK for the geolocation of assets on sites, for their synchronization. A low-power screen and offline operation were also part of the integration to be planned for this application.

This connected sleeve is part of a set of new advances initiated for a “connected operator”. Bouygues Construction is integrating equipment to bring digital technology to construction sites and to improve the comfort and safety of operators on a site.


Security for industry

industrial monitoring

Monitoring of industrial environments

Rtone works with Sentryo’s teams to develop attack detection systems in industrial environments. Rtone has joined Sentryo’s teams in the design of their network monitoring and threat intelligence platform that provides cyber resilience to industrial control systems (ICS) and SCADA networks, alerting owners to any changes and anomalies.

The solution consists of sensors and a central data visualization and analysis software. It passively analyzes industrial network communications, provides meaningful component information and advanced anomaly detection and alerts in real time to any threat to operational continuity and system integrity.


Worksites 4.0

gestion chantiers
application gestion chantiers

Construction site management

Accopilot is an onboard application for worksite management 4.0. It enables all stakeholders to centralize information and track maintenance of worksites, particularly roads.

To develop its road maintenance management offer, the integration of various connected sensor technologies has enabled Accopilot to differentiate itself and offer a vehicle fleet monitoring service and innovative tools in its market.

Rtone intervened at several levels. The teams first developed a prototyping of an embedded solution of activity detection based on vibration measurements.

Then our mobile team developed an SDK integrating BLE gateway functions and data transmission to the Cloud IoT platform.

Finally, the Cloud team has set up a Cloud based on our Rtower platform to abstract data collection from multiple third-party Clouds.


Predictive maintenance and remote control

Rtone has integrated a 3G gateway in a model of industrial printer to retrieve data from the field and allow remote control of its machines.

This solution was implemented to avoid human intervention and limit the often necessary travel of Markem Imaje technicians in foreign sites, sometimes in very remote areas.

At the same time, this solution has brought new predictive maintenance functions to improve the design of the machines thanks to the data collected in the field


Connected automatic doors

For its connected automatic doors, Rtone has proposed to Softica a cloud solution for the processing of its data and a mobile application for the management of its assets.
Our teams also intervened at the level of embedded software (firmware) for the development of this solution.
Thanks to the combination of hardware, firmware and the cloud, Rtone allows Softica to access the predictive maintenance and thus keep control over their assets remotely.
This solution has enabled Softica to strengthen its services and is intended to evolve the user experience in physical locations.


Communication by light

After 2 years of research, we have developed and launched Kiwink®, a light-based communication technology. With Kiwink®, all products equipped with LEDs become communicating through visible light.

Kiwink® is a bi-directional and low speed implementation of VLC (Visible Light Communication). VLC and Rtone’s proprietary implementation, Kiwink®, are similar to LiFi (Light Fidelity), which supports higher data rates and addresses other market targets.



Intelligent batteries for industry

The company Arts Energy is a specialist in high performance batteries for industry.

Rtone has accompanied the Arts Energy teams in their goal to create the best system architecture to collect data from batteries wherever they are.

Rtone has proposed a battery modem adapted to all current and future product lines allowing the collection of data at different phases of life of this battery.

Rtone has therefore proposed a prototype and planned the industrialization of this battery modem.


Connected safety shoes

In parallel to the connected cane that you can discover in the consumer references, Nov’in has developed the connected safety shoe on the same principles. The connected shoes integrate the functionalities of a DATI. In this way, the protection does not become restrictive and the risks of forgetting are avoided.

The particularity of these shoes, like the cane, is that thanks to its integrated intelligence, it understands the habits of its user. The shoe connects directly to the GSM network. In case of alert, information is automatically sent to the caregivers by call, SMS or email. It can include the location (thanks to the integrated GPS).


Connected generator

Rtone has integrated the Netbiter solution, equipped with a 4G connection, to the generators of the company DSL in order to retrieve data from the field and control the groups remotely.

The objective was to better control the use of the groups rented by the company but also to give more visibility to the customers on the anticipation of the invoicing of these rentals.

The challenge was to equip existing products and avoid redesigning these generators.