The “Demand – Response” management box

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energy pool
Energy Pool

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Rtone has developed an energy management box for its client leader in the market of “Demand-Response”, Energy Pool.

The Energy Pool solution allows to analyze and control the consumption of large industries in case of overload on the electrical network. This allows, during critical periods (overconsumption), to quickly find a solution to free the load on the network.

The control is automated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing the monitoring and the follow-up in real time of the electrical consumption.

Thanks to the collected data, the analysis and the identification of the flexible potential are carried out. The consumption profile is optimized on a daily basis to avoid power shortages and blackouts. The goal is to work on a balance between peaks and troughs of electricity consumption. A request is sent to each consumer in anticipation of these peaks in consumption and quick action is required: they have about fifteen minutes to validate the request to cut back on one of their large energy-consuming stations.

Energy Pool’s load shedding solution is widely used in developing countries, where there are many shortages.

In exchange for the flexibility of these actors, they are remunerated by a reduction on their electricity bill, sometimes reaching up to 10% of their annual bill.
Boxes are now installed in many countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.


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