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A smart coffee machine for premium coffee

How the ABMI team responded to the challenges of innovation for Nespresso

The coffee experience

The famous Nespresso coffee machine no needs introduction. This espresso machine has made it possible to democratize the consumption of high quality coffee in the home.

Our teams from the product engineering division were involved in the development of the performance of this machine.

Some key figures: development of the solution in 5 months and launch of the industrialization in less than 12 months. 

At the heart of the problem: propose innovative mechatronic architecture solutions while respecting budgetary constraints.


Cooking planner

Optimize the organization of your meals

Popotte Duck is a cooking planner that allows you to optimize the organization of your daily meals according to the food available.

Inside this duck is a concentrate of intelligence and technology:

  • A voice assistant: listening & voice synthesis
  • Artificial intelligence for the elaboration of meals from recipes, available food and food to replace
  • Bluetooth communication: data exchange between the mobile in the duck and the electronic card
  • WiFi communication for exchanges between the duck and the server where the AI is hosted

Popotte Duck has been a red wire project at Rtone, it required an unprecedented assistance to project management in collaboration with many other partners: Eurodecision (AI), Groupe Zebra (mechanical design), Sudelec (EMS electronics and assembly), Opénium (software and mobile application).


Connected mixology

The intelligent machine to prepare your cocktails

Kuantom has developed Orkestra, the first solution that reinvents and automates the creation of exceptional cocktails for professionals seeking knowledge in mixology.

This solution allows you to create and replicate signature cocktails with the utmost precision via intelligent bottles in constant dialogue with the machine and the application.

Thanks to NFC tags, the machine automatically recognizes each ingredient inserted.

The application integrated into the machine, meanwhile, allows the cocktail to be launched from a selection of recipes. It is also possible to track the level of consumption.

The Rtone teams helped to review the design of their electronic board and participate in the mechanical and kinematic design of Orkestra.


The smart electronic cigarette

cigarette connectee

The electronic cigarette connected

Rtone has developed and industrialized Enovap, an intelligent & connected ecigarette (personal) in BLE.

This electronic cigarette has two tanks, one with nicotine and the other without. Thanks to the intelligent learning algorithm, the e-cigarette can thus gradually reduce the nicotine rate by alternating on each of the tanks. In automatic mode, the cigarette follows the habits of the consumer and gives him the amount adapted to his needs, in order to reduce the nicotine rate gradually.

Thanks to the integrated BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) communication protocol, the device connects to a mobile application for monitoring consumption. The latter allows you to analyze and control your consumption, understanding and anticipating your needs.

It gives the possibility to follow your consumption in real time and allows a smooth weaning by activating the artificial intelligence, adapting to the best consumption of its user.


Smart vertical farming

vertical farming
connected closet

A connected growing closet

The Grangette is a vertical vegetable growing system for indoor use.

The closed cabinet creates favorable growing conditions thanks to artificial intelligence and hydroponics for a better nutritional and gustatory development of plants. 

Rtone has accompanied the project La Grangette through all its skills: mechanical, electronic, embedded systems, Cloud, Mobile and R&D. 

From the design phase to the development of the hydroponic cabinet and the preparation of the industrialization phase.

Our teams always accompany the team of La Grangette.


Interactive and educational robot for children

educational robot
smart toy
robot leka

A smart toy

Rtone accompanied the teams at Leka in the feasibility study of their product.

Leka is a smart toy developed as an interactive and multisensory companion allowing children to participate in fun and educational games that stimulate social interaction, arouse curiosity and encourage the child to stay engaged in the activity.

Controlled by a Wifi tablet, it is both stimulating and predictable and makes it easier to keep their attention.

Leka allows to work on specific skills such as social interaction, cognitive development and fine and gross motor skills. This library is enriched every month.


The connected pouch

Rtone has created a prototype of a universal leather pouch to store your smartphone (Samsung, Iphone…) and to charge it wirelessly at the same time.

The pouch allows the phone a contactless charging by induction and recharges itself through a USB port cleverly integrated into the tongue.

No need to carry a portable battery, the cell phone can be stored in the leather pouch, which charges your phone directly. The case is aesthetically pleasing and can be carried simply in the hand or in a bag.

The product received a CES Innovation Award 2016.

prix innovation awards


Connected cane

Rtone worked with Nov’in teams to connect their Smartcane. Intended for elderly or isolated people, the product integrates an algorithm to detect an abnormal situation thanks to movement sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope). In this case, an alert is generated and sent to a platform via the integrated GPRS connection and the information is then processed for an adapted action. 

The technology developed has been integrated into a walking stick from Fayet. Their expertise, based on a century of know-how, has enabled them to create an ergonomic, robust, lightweight Smartcane made of quality materials.

The Smartcane won an Innovation Award at CES in 2017.


The connected safe

Rtone has designed the Smart & Safe connected safes. Connected in LoRa, these safes allow hotel guests and hospital patients to keep their personal belongings safe.

The challenge for our teams was to find the right place to place the LoRa antenna on the object, which is 80% metal. The size of the antenna also had to be taken into account while remaining efficient in terms of range and fitting into a small space.


The application for valet parking

Rtone has developed a set of web and mobile applications for a management system for valet parking. A universal electronic remote control connected in Bluetooth was also designed to manage the various garage doors.

Rtone has provided all the technical bricks to enable Parkopoly to operate its service to automotive professionals: car dealers, garages, … They also gain in profitability by accelerating the rate of vehicle rotation.