Smartcane, the connected walking stick

Smartcane, the connected walking stick

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Rtone worked closely with Nov’in teams to make their Smartcane a connected object. Intended for the elderly or isolated, the stick incorporates an algorithm that uses motion sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope) to detect abnormal situations. In this case, an alert is transmitted to a platform over the built-in GPRS connection and the information is then processed for appropriate action. This connected walking stick project also collects data on user habits and recognises unusual situations.

The technology developed was integrated into a walking stick made by Fayet. The company has been in business since 1909 and is the only industrial producer of walking sticks in France. Their expertise, based on century-old know-how, has enabled them to produce an ergonomic, robust, lightweight Smartcane made of high-quality materials.

The Smartcane won an Innovation Award at the CES show in 2017.


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