Enovap, the connected electronic cigarette

Enovap, the connected electronic cigarette

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Rtone has developed and put into production Enovap, a (personal) smart e-cigaretteoffering BLE connectivity

This e-cigarette has two compartments, one containing nicotine and the other not. Using the smart learning algorithm, the e-cigarette makes it possible to gradually reduce nicotine levels by alternating the use of each compartment. It is therefore possible to adjust the nicotine concentration between 0 and 18 mg, simply by pressing a button. In automatic mode, the e-cigarette tracks the consumer’s habits and dispenses the right quantity for their needs, with the aim of gradually reducing the nicotine content.

Using the built-in BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) protocol, the device communicates with a mobile app that monitors consumption. The app makes it possible to analyse and control consumption, by understanding and anticipating the needs of the consumer.

It also monitors consumption in real time and enables a gradual reduction through the use of artificial intelligence, adapting to the consumer’s habits.


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