Enki, the smart home box

Enki, the smart home box

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Rtone supports Leroy Merlin teams to maintain and enrich the firmware on the Enki box.

Leroy Merlin has designed Enki as a smart home automation solution. Comprising a box and an application, the Enki solution enables homeowners to control connected objects of different brands and technologies from a single mobile application.

Equipped with five communication protocols (Zigbee, Enocean, radio 433 Dio, Bluetooth and wireless), the Enki box centralises all communications so that connected objects can talk to each other.

Made to adapt to the customer’s needs, the Enki box is controlled via the mobile app, allowing users to manage anything from their heating to access control, while enabling their home systems to adapt to different scenarios (waking up, leaving home, vacation etc.).

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