“Demand – Response” management unit

“Demand – Response” management unit

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Rtone has developed anenergy management unit for its client Energy Pool, the leader on the Demand-Response market.

The Energy Pool solution makes it possible to analyse and control consumption by large industrial consumers in case of demand surges on the power grid. This enables load-shedding solutions to be found quickly during critical periods (over-consumption).

Control is automated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing real-time monitoring and tracking of electricity consumption.

Using the data collected, the potential for flexibility is analysed and identified. Consumption profiles are optimised daily to avoid power shortages and outages. The aim is to balance out the peaks and troughs in electricity consumption. A request is sent to each consumer ahead of the forecast peak consumption periods and rapid action is required: they have about fifteen minutes to validate the request to take one of their large energy-consuming units offline.

Energy Pool’s demand response solution is widely used in developing countries, where shortages are frequent.

In exchange for their flexibility, these large-scale consumers are remunerated by lower net unit pricing, sometimes representing up to 10% of their annual bill.
The units are now installed in many European, African and Asian countries.

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