Connect’inh, the smart inhaler

Connect’inh, the smart inhaler

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The smart inhaler

Rtone developed Connect’inh, the first community-based solution dedicated to asthma, for Kap Code. The solution consists of a connected, universal case that can adapt to any type of inhaler, and an intuitive application that provides access to relevant data and simplified monitoring.

Connected via BLE, Connect’inh can sync data to the paired application. The system provides asthma sufferers with real-time information on air quality (pollution and pollen levels), monitoring and management statistics for their condition, making this application the first community-based platform entirely dedicated to asthma. Users can warn the entire community of fellow sufferers about Breathing Discomfort Zones they encounter on their journey, allowing them to avoid attacks.

Kap Code is committed to developing innovative digital solutions to improve chronic disease management and the detection of health risk factors via social networks.


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