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Connected objects and IoT, experts to advise you

Connected objects and IoT, experts to advise you

We have been manufacturing products for 12 years and have learned that meeting specifications is no longer sufficient. A product development project takes time. In fact, it is subject to many constraints that vary over time: from technical and financial constraints to market fluctuations, product development cannot be set in stone. The design phase must include the necessary adjustments resulting from dialogue throughout the product development process. Using agile methods, we strive to deliver constant flexibility. This allows us to remain flexible with the aim of achieving the most successful and satisfactory version of your product.

From the outset of product development, our team joins you to focus on functional analysis by prioritising value, cost and ROI. The Value/Effort matrix is the strength of your future product.

We embrace the mantra: “Promise less to deliver more”!

This way we protect DEADLINES, BUDGETS, QUALITY and the TEAM.

hardware iot

Electronics, hardware

Designing a connected object starts with designing the object itself. Our hardware team is a group of experienced engineers.

They provide their expertise for the choice of technology and PCB components.

At this point, certain decisions will dimension your product:

  • Number of objects to be connected
  • Volume of data to communicate
  • Frequency of communication
  • Battery life of the sensor and its power source
  • Bidirectional communications or not
  • Telecommunications network to use depending on recurring costs in the operations phase
hardware iot

We master all engineering disciplines, technologies and wireless communication protocols: WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, Zigbee, LoRa, Sigfox, LTE, NB NarrowBand, NFC, RFID etc.,

our advice will help you choose the most appropriate technology for your product.

mecanique iot
mécanique iot

Mechanical engineering

As product design is essential for the end user, Rtone remains in direct and constant contact with the hardware teams to assist and support the design of the product casing and mechanical parts.

software objets connectés


Embedded software is often invisible, but is what brings your objects to life.

Our software team is here to make the most of the range of sensors on the PCB. Low Power and HMI issues no longer hold any secrets for them.

software objets connectés
cloud objets connectés


On the same level as product design, the design of a product’s interface and the services delivered are just as important. It is often the creation of new services that is behind the release of a new product.

The Cloud team configures the platform that will host your IoT application data. It completes its development work by creating business software layers for each client. Finally, it specifies and commissions the servers needed to host the data.