didier midroit
business developer

didier midroit business developer

The IoT elder

As the oldest member of the Rtone team, he is nicknamed “PapIOT” (pronounced papillotte, meaning Grandad of IoT).

Starting out with technical training, he quickly moved on to lead teams or projects at the companies where he worked. First an embedded software developer, he co-created Adeset in 2001, the software subsidiary of the Adetel group in Lyon, which has since become Centum, securing his position as one of the group’s main officers in 2010 (€52M revenue – 540 people). For 9 years, starting from scratch, he developed a loyal team of electronics and software experts in a constrained environment (aeronautics, rail, defence, etc.) where human values were the core focus of the company. Together they became the French leader in the field of aeronautical electronic outsourcing.

In 2010, after completing the Advanced Management Program at Lyon Business School (EM Lyon), he reoriented his career to a more dynamic sector with fewer historical issues.

He then created DMinnov to support innovative startups active in Robotics and power electronics. He delivers professional and personal experience, his network of connections and his time, to assist these startups in accelerating and extending their activities by structuring and clarifying their strategy. At the same time, he is a volunteer for the association 100000 entrepreneurs, which promotes entrepreneurship among young people in secondary schools.

For the past 6 years, he has also been a consulting director in the Student Entrepreneur Programme (FEE) of INSA Lyon and Claude Bernard University. Every year, he accompanies two teams of students in transforming their project into the creation of a company.

Today, surrounded by eccentric geeks and bearded electronics engineers, he is in charge of Rtone’s business development alongside Adrien.

The words they live by:

  • Team of experts,
  • Shared enjoyment,
  • Innovation,
  • Realism and commercial flair.

An explosive cocktail to revolutionise the development of electronic products in our old country… A new vision..

People appreciate him for his outspoken attitude, intellectual honesty and courage in difficult situations.

He is a sporty type, roaming the countryside on weekends on his mountain bike or on foot, and he also very much enjoys travelling.