alexis duque
R&D & security leader

alexis duque
R&D & security leader

He who excels does not argue, he masters his science and keeps quiet.


R&D & security expert

PhD student and R&D engineer Alexis joined Rtone in 2015, after obtaining his degree in Telecommunications Engineering at INSA Lyon. His aim was to work on embedded and mobile software developments for connected objects.

In October 2015, in collaboration with the CITI laboratory of INSA Lyon and the Agora team (formerly Urbanet), he began a doctoral thesis on Visible Light Communication.

His research focuses on the use of visible light as a data carrier and its use in smart cities or the Internet of Things.

He also likes to share his experience, particularly on Bluetooth Low Energy, at technical conferences (DevoxxMiXiT etc.), and regularly speaks at international scientific conferences to present the results of his research.

He’s also an active member in the PACLIDO public project where he works on data privacy, integrity and authentication in IoT, along with Airbus.

Committed to open source but also passionate about sports, he is always ready for a jog or a bike ride.