alexandre moos
co-founder & ceo

alexandre moos
co-founder & ceo

A passionate person driven by an entrepreneurial spirit

With a degree in general electrical engineering, he took over the family company MOOS, which specialises in electricalclimatic and thermal engineering in the construction and industrial sectors.

Somewhat of a dreamer at the tender age of 23, it was also in 2007, with the evolution of wireless electronics, Web and Cloud technologies, which heralded an expanding market, that he affirmed his desire to diversify his company. He then suggested to Adrien that they write their own story by creating Rtone.

Two days of thinking were enough for Adrien to convince himself that the two young entrepreneurs were about to embark on an exciting adventure.

A dynamic and hard-working individual, Alexandre aims to make Rtone a well-known and reputed IoT player by developing connected products or innovative technologies with high added value, for customers or on behalf of Rtone.

10 years later, Rtone now has 30 qualified and committed employees.

The Moos group has made acquisitions and new creations, bringing the total workforce to around 200 people, generating revenue of €35 million.

As a constant thinker, he is always on the lookout for new development ideas to move forward and grow.

He idolizes Epicure and admires the iconic Elon Musk.

His free time is devoted to his family and friends.