adrien desportes
co-founder & general manager

adrien desportes co-founder & general manager

You can avoid reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of avoiding reality. – Ayn Rand

A lover of connected objects

Co-founder of Rtone and a fan of connected objects since his student days in 2006, he set up the company with Alexandre Moos, forming a dream team of experts in electronics, embedded software, the Cloud and mobile.

With a joint degree in hardware/software engineering, he has been active on the IoT market since his return from China and the advent of the iPhone 1.

As the co-author of numerous research publications and two patents, he regularly gives conferences at industry events (MtoM & Connected Objects, SIDO, Meetup IoT, Digital Summer, etc.).

Don’t tell him that Rtone is a design office, this will save you getting a long tirade about his vision and the added value of his team.

As an entrepreneur at heart, he is a proponent of a new management style where employees are at the heart of his concerns, turning them into a committed team.

He is also a fan of hard rock music, so you can meet him at Hellfest most years around June 21…