IoT Approach

To support each stage of your IoT project

From the definition of use cases, to operation of your connected solutions.

Our team supports you in the design of your IoT project.



Thanks to our 7 areas of IoT expertise, we can support you at every stage.
We are the single point of contact for your project.
No need to go through several companies and structures, Rtone takes care of everything.

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Design your connected device with our IoT design office

Protect your production commitments with the Agile Method

Rtone protects your production commitments from the start of your project by defining budget and duration as fixed inputs. With our team, focus on what is important and develop a quality, functional product within your budget.

methodes agiles

Proof of concept : identification of necessary uses and techniques

If the uses have not yet been clearly defined, Rtone supports its customers in defining their “Proof Of Concept” of their IoT applications. This allows a better identification of the expertise needed to create your “Internet of Things” solutions and to quickly have a prototype demonstrator of the connected object.

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All the skills needed to work together to complete your project



Benefit from our R&D experts to gain a real competitive advantage. Our team adapts to your culture and business model.



Depending on the technical environment and production quantities, our team adapts to design your product. Rtone accompanies you in the mechanical modelling of the latter until the realization of its parts.



Our teams start from your uses to make the best hardware architecture choices and define the IoT connectivity technologies best suited to your market. We also support you during the industrialisation and certification of your products.



In an Agile mode of operation and thanks to our experience in embedded development, our developers will be able to capture the essence of your business needs and implement them in the embedded software.



Our Ops team ensures the smooth running of your Cloud infrastructure and Edge devices to guarantee high availability of your services.



Take remote control of your devices and simplify access to your data with an intuitive and responsive application. Have a tailor-made tool to access your data at any time. Our Mobile team ensures the smooth running of your applications.



Get access to a more reliable and efficient optimal level of service thanks to Cloud Computing. Keep control of your data with a scalable solution for industry and maintenance of your connected objects.

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We manage the industrialisation of your connected solution for you

We manage the production of your objects for you at guaranteed cost, time and quality

of global
industrial partners


Subcontracting of the
Manufacturing to allow the
the best choice

by Rtone

Getting a prototype to show at the next CES in Las Vegas is good. Mass-producing it at the right price is better.

Thanks to a network of global industrial partners, our team has all the skills to enable you to obtain a finished, packaged and tested product. And because we are “fabless”, we support you in selecting and contracting with the most suitable manufacturer for your project.
This phase is central and managed by Rtone.



We support you in managing your fleet of connected objects


Rtone has defined its IoT fleet management software offer.

This solution is based on a set of Open Source technologies mastered, widely used and carefully selected to support any project from proof of concept to the operation of large fleets of connected objects. In the form of a custom designed platform, this solution is a base providing a set of standard services.

Rtone can also take care of all the hosting and maintenance if you wish to use it in SaaS mode (Software as a Service), without obligation and with the possibility of taking over at any time.

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